Do I need an attorney for my divorce?

Hiring A Divorce Attorney

It isn’t hard to find billboards advertising divorce through a website for an extremely cheap price, which involves making arrangements for your own divorce. For some this is an opportunity to save money and hassle, avoiding court and attorney fees. However, in most cases performing your own divorce is not a good idea, and hiring a divorce attorney could save you time and be the best financial decision in the end.

Do I need a divorce attorney?

What are some reasons to not perform your divorce yourself? If you and your spouse are parents, matters of child custody and support can be very complicated. Every state has its own laws in regards to child support and custody, so if you are getting a divorce in Alabama, you need to know Alabama laws regarding these matters. A practicing divorce attorney will be familiar with these and help guide you through the proper channels and be sure you act in the best interest of the child or children.

A couple with significant assets to be divided, including a business, home, or inheritance, will definitely benefit from the counsel of a divorce lawyer. It is easy to imagine these circumstances becoming complicated on paper, and since going through a divorce is often an emotionally challenging time to begin with, a divorce attorney can help make decisions removed from the emotional attachments you and your spouse may have.

These are just two of the main circumstances people benefit from hiring a divorce lawyer for their case. We will be discussing other circumstances in a followup article. As with all legal matters, finding the right attorney that understands your needs is very important, so always do your research and be certain you find a lawyer suited for you.