The Importance of Court Orders

Court Orders

The grim reality is that people can make bad decisions when they are in emotionally volatile states. Of course facing a divorce or separation puts an individual at great risk for these circumstances. This is why it can be important to obtain a court order to prevent any possibility of physical domestic disputes. No one would like to think it is necessary to obtain a court order against a spouse, but divorce involves situations many people never saw themselves in. Being practical and realistic can save hardship down the road.

Do I need a court order?

A man from St. Clair County in Birmingham Alabama was recently shot in the face by his wife during a domestic dispute. Sheriffs said following an attempt by the man to strangle his wife, the wife was able to free herself and obtain a gun. The couple then exchanged gunfire, the man was shot in the face, and the woman escaped by climbing out of a second story window. Then the husband set fire to the home, which was destroyed by the time authorities arrived.

While this is an extreme case, it just goes to show the importance of court orders to prevent domestic disputes. If you think there is any possibility your spouse may be violent or irrationally destructive, it is best to obtain a court order as soon as possible. Whether you are still married or in the process of divorce, this simple action could save you much distress in the future. Contact an attorney to discuss the details of your case and take appropriate action for your domestic situation.