Video Visitation

Video Visitation

We live in a modern age of technology that has the world more interconnected than ever. Most people in this country have access to a computer capable of streaming live video and audio to communicate with someone else anywhere in the world. Naturally this technology can be used between family members that might otherwise have restricted communication due to factors such as distance resulting from divorce or other domestic issues. But now there is the additional option of video visitation.

What is video visitation?

Video chat programs such as Skype have become increasingly popular on the Internet and very easy to use. If you have gone through a divorce in Alabama and are looking for ways to connect with your child or another family member you might be removed from, these video chats are a great way to do so. While no one is claiming this to be a replacement for in person visits, it does allow for more opportunities to keep in touch with someone you care about in a more intimate manner than a simple phone conversation.

One Alabama divorce attorney states he has put provisions in several divorce agreements that obligate parties to have broadband connections capable of facilitating communication, but the video chat is a new method. Alabama does not have statutory obligations that require courts to consider virtual visitations. However, with the struggling economy’s effect on many families, these virtual visitations are likely to increase as to keep families that become split up in closer communication.

If you have gone or are going through a divorce in Alabama, contact an attorney versed in modern divorce strategies involving child custody and visitation to discuss your circumstances.