Workplace Discrimination Against Divorced Dads?

Workplace Discrimination?

Men are often assumed to have an easier time in terms of workplace discrimination. But what about when it comes time to leave work early to pick up your children? This might be an exception to the classic idea of men dominating the workplace.

Am I experiencing workplace discrimination?

Being a working dad who is closely involved with the upbringing of your children is challenging enough as it is, but divorced fathers have it even more difficult. Divorced dads routinely suffer from workplace discrimination. It seems the commonly held respect of allowing working parents to make provisions for raising their children is reserved more for mothers than fathers. Mothers are more likely to be allowed to negotiate a special work schedule to facilitate taking their children to and from school, appointments, etc. Working dads claim it to be much more difficult to receive the same privileges. This is not to say working mothers have it easy, just that working fathers have even greater challenges with workplace flexibility to accomodate their family life.

Leaving work early to meet with your child’s teacher or take them to soccer practice is much less socially acceptable than it is for working mothers. The rest of the workplace tends to assume there is a mother or someone else capable of taking on these responsibilities. Fathers are often seen as less essential to the children’s lives, and should therefore be more dedicated to his work than his child. These attitudes are difficult enough to combat in married dynamics, but even more for divorced fathers who have full or some significant level of custody with no one else to fall back on for help.

It isn’t fair to have double standards in the workplace, especially punishing someone for being a good parent. Fathers should have equal rights to raise their children to the best of their abilities, and workplaces should be just as accommodating to these needs as they are with mothers.

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