A Lifelong Commitment – of Alimony

Lifelong Alimony

The idea of marriage is a lifelong commitment. Of course we know in today’s world it doesn’t always work out like this. But some people end up having a lifelong commitment even after the marriage ends in the form of permanent alimony. Permanent alimony is exactly what it sounds like, where one party of a divorced couple is obligated to pay alimony for the remainder of either their life or their ex-spouse’s.

There can be legitimate reasons for cases of permanent alimony, such as a disability. But with an able-bodied, educated individual, it seems unfair to have a situation where that person is receiving alimony from the other party for a lifetime. Specific cases cause great sympathy for the paying parties, where for instance one husband who has remarried now pays his ex-wife 57% of his income, a burden he bears for life without a new ruling from the court. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this case is both the husband and new wife are attorneys, still unable to navigate the law in a manner to solve this situation.

How does alimony work in Alabama?

Many states have eliminated or reformed permanent alimony, but plenty still abide. The law was created before women commonly received education or worked. But in the changing world of gender equality, the law now seems archaic. Going through a divorce, possibly losing your family, friends, or house, is already hard enough. The notion of having to pay your ex-spouse for the remainder of your life can be crushing.

The voices of these claims are growing louder, and permanent alimony is coming more into question with clients and attorneys alike. This is an issue to continue watching and see how it develops.