Divorce in Alabama Increases in January

January Increases Divorce In Alabama
It isn’t very surprising rates of divorce in Alabama and the United States go down over the holidays in November and December. Families would rather not have to endure the hardships of separation during these times. So it comes as no surprise that divorce rates in Alabama pick back up in January. After the pressure of maintaining stability through the holidays, many couples realize divorce is the right decision for them, and begin the year by preparing for major life changes.

How do I prepare for divorce in Alabama?
Whether it is January or July, preparing for divorce requires the same procedures. It is time to be careful with your finances and begin controlling them better by keeping track of bank accounts, spending, etc. Going through or approaching divorce can often lead to excessive spending for a variety of reasons, perhaps treating yourself or your children. But this is a time to be frugal and make certain your finances are stable. If you are even considering divorce, it can be a good idea to meet with a divorce attorney who will help explain the state of your finances and the best way of managing them moving forward. Even if you decide not to get divorced, meeting with a divorce attorney can help stabilize your financial situation for the better. As well as meeting with your divorce lawyer, you can meet with a financial adviser or someone who specializes in personal finance. It is also a good idea to begin establishing your own credit, particularly if most of your credit and billing history is in your spouse’s name.

Divorce is a difficult process for everyone regardless of the time of year. Contacting a divorce attorney sooner than later can make a big difference in the ease of the process. If you are looking at the possibility of divorce, we are happy to meet with you and discuss your options in moving forward whatever your decision may be.