Divorce Red Flags for a Spouse

Divorce Red Flags
Divorce usually doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. There are usually many factors over time that lead to the final decision of divorce. Every marriage has its challenges, and none of these mean anything definite, but the following is a list of potential divorce red flags that may indicate your spouse is considering a divorce.

  • A sudden need for multiple bank accounts where you are not a co-signor
  • Changing trusted advisers like the family CPA to new faces
  • Hoarding cash
  • Ostensible generosity that gets you out of the picture
  • “Business trips” that were never previously taken
  • Flaunting new expenses like cars or jewelry
  • Undisclosed credit cards
  • Multiple cell phones
  • Irritability in answering reasonable questions
  • Newfound interested in password security for emails and finance

Is my spouse considering a divorce?
This is of course just a small list, and none of these items necessarily mean anything. But these are common indicators of a spouse considering divorce. If you notice your spouse displaying some of these behaviors, there is no need to panic. But if you notice several of these divorce red flags behaviors over a length of time, it might be worth engaging your partner for a discussion. It is often times good to ask questions about divorce and the state of the relationship and whether or not it is what both parties truly want.

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