Dirty Tricks of Divorce Law

Dirty Tricks of Divorce Law

Divorce law does not have a reputation for playing clean. There are many dirty tricks lawyers and their clients attempt to perform, thankfully most of which will be identified and get the culprits in legal trouble. However, some tricks are not against the rules and may be a benefit to your case.

How can I help my divorce law case?

In one recent case, a client of a colleague in divorce law was having trouble getting her former husband to pay for the child’s expenses. The divorce attorney advised the client to make a photo book to take to the hearing of all the child’s extracurricular activities, such as sports, dances, hanging out with friends. Even add report cards and college brochures and turn it into a scrap book of your child’s life.

This translates to a guilt package. You can give a copy to your ex-spouse and his or her attorney. The dramatic effect of having a parent say they do not want to pay for these children’s activities is often enough to make an impact with the desired effect. While it seems mischievous, you are simply giving a gift! But whether these photos are used in mediation or at trial, it can be an effective method to get the other side to play ball in your divorce proceedings.

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