Now Providing Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Due to the nature of my practice, it has been necessary to charge a nominal consultation fee before taking an in-office meeting to discuss the circumstances of divorce cases. While it is important to use discretion to make the most of my time (and therefore your time), we have created a system that allows me to provide complimentary consultation on the phone or with an in-office meeting prior to your hiring me for your case.

This generally begins with a phone conversation to verify your case can benefit from my services. If we establish that we can have a mutually beneficial attorney/client relationship, you will be provided a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Do you provide free consultation?

While I have arranged to be able to provide these complimentary consultation to potential clients, I still make certain to maintain the highest level of attention and dedication to each individual case. If you choose me to represent you in your divorce or family law case, rest assured you will be choosing one of Birmingham Alabama’s best and most well-respected divorce attorney.