Could Shared Housework Lead To Divorce?

Chore Sharing Leads To Divorce?

It seems to be common sense that sharing responsibility in a marriage would benefit the fulfillment and sustainability of the marriage. However, a recent study from Norway has showed that sharing housework can actually complicate marriages in ways that lead to divorce. Households who have divided chores have about a 50% higher likelihood of becoming divorced. Divorce is less likely when women primarily perform the household duties. The study theorizes one possible reason could be because the men do a poorer job of the tasks, and disappoint their wives who end up having to do more of the work.

Should my husband be doing more around the house?

To be clear, the study does not insist that household chores should not be shared between a husband and wife. There were a number of possible explanations for the findings, likely falling into scenarios of traditional roles, and men struggling more to properly execute household tasks that leads to their wives becoming disappointed in them. This comes from our traditional American way of life where the husband works full-time to provide for his family while his wife is a full-time homemaker. Clearly this is a way of life that is now largely in the past, but the traditional family roles still set the stage for many people’s expectations about life and what their marriage should be like. Whether or not this is right, it seems to have an impact on how people handle their marriages and problems as they arise.

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