Facebook mentioned in 1/3 of Divorce Settlements

Facebook in Divorce

With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter playing such a large role in our lives, it is no surprise these sites also play a significant role in the beginning and end of many relationships. Attorneys from both the United States are reporting a major rise in the number of cases involving social networking, and Facebook is often mentioned in divorce cases in Alabama. In 2011, a group of attorneys from reported Facebook or MySpace were involved with most divorce cases due to inappropriate behavior of a spouse. A UK-based legal services firm have found a similar trend, with over 1/3 of divorce cases in their country involving Facebook.

My spouse is cheating on Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter and MySpace are a modern way of carrying out an extra-marital affair. It is easy and comfortable for people to interact in a seemingly innocent manner, and much of this is visible by the public such as “wall posts.” But activity can easily become inappropriate, and a spouse may attempt to hide any activities fully indicating an extra-marital relationship. A consultation with Tommy can help you determine what your rights are to use that information.

What do I do if my partner is cheating on Facebook?

Courts are increasingly using Facebook activity as evidence in divorce and family law cases. The most common report is people using Facebook to send inappropriate messages to a member of the opposite sex with intent of extra-marital activity. Postings from Facebook are being used to help settle financial and child custody disputes, with information of online activities presented to the court. If you are think your spouse is participating in an extra-marital affair on Facebook or another social networking site like Twitter or MySpace, it is best to contact an attorney well-versed in family law, such as Tommy Davis, so you will know how to get an preserve evidence.