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A Family Lawyer who will take time to listen.

If you are going through a divorce, whether you initiated the action or your spouse did, you are probably worried about your future. I understand that divorce is difficult and that issues such as child custody and support, and property division can cause you a great deal of anxiety. As your lawyer, part of my job is to help you understand the process and come out of your divorce in the best position possible.

My name is Tommy Davis. I’m an attorney who represents clients in family law matters such as divorce. I also represent individuals facing legal issues that often surround divorce such as distribution of marital assets and debts, child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony.

Understanding the Divorce Process

When it’s your life that will be affected by the outcome of a divorce, you need a lawyer who will listen to you. As your lawyer, I will learn as much as possible about you, your spouse, your children, your finances, and most importantly, your goals.

No attorney can promise an outcome in a divorce settlement. I will be honest with you and never promise a result that isn’t realistic. No one going through a divorce needs false promises. You need to hear the facts on child custody and support, and all other issues, so you can know what to expect. As my client, I will also need you to be honest with me so that I can protect your interests.

My law office is located in the Mountain Brook Center on Highway 280 in Birmingham, Alabama, directly across from Wendy’s and the Hampton Inn in Mountain Brook. We are the first traffic light after exiting the Expressway from Downtown Birmingham, and the last traffic light before the entrance to the Expressway.

Practice Areas

Our practice areas include:

  • Alabama Complex Divorce & Disputes
  • Alabama Post Divorce Modification
  • Alabama Child Custody & Alabama Child Support
  • Alabama Visitation
  • Alabama Spousal Support & Alabama Alimony
  • Alabama Investments
  • Alabama Uncontested Divorce

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