Preparing for Divorce in Alabama

You must first be an Alabama resident before you can file for divorce in Alabama. If a court determines participants of a divorce to not have jurisdictional rights to a case, it will most likely be dismissed. For a divorce in Alabama to meet residential requirements, at least one party must have been a resident of Alabama for at least six months before the complaint is filed. Divorce may be filed for in the county of the defendant resides or the county in which the party lived during the separation. If the defendant is a non-resident, complaints are filed in the county of the other party.

How can I get a divorce in Alabama?

The grounds on which a divorce may be granted vary by state. Divorce cases in Alabama can be either fault or no-fault. Whether a party is at fault may be considered in the splitting of estate and assets. Examples of no-fault cases include incompatibility or voluntary abandonment of at least one year prior to the complaint. Examples of fault cases include marital infidelity and domestic violence.

How is child custody handled in Alabama?

Child custody in Alabama divorce cases depends on several factors. These include the age of the child and whether the child is an appropriate age to understand the situation well enough to make decisions, as well as the child’s other familial relationships, health, and education needs. Child support payment in Alabama is based on a standard worksheet available through state websites.

How are division of assets handled in Alabama divorce?

Division of marital property and marital debts can be simple or complex and may be expensive depending on the nature of the complaint and any specific misconduct of the defendant. Hiring an attorney with experience and thorough knowledge of the law is the way to get the best results in the case outcome.

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