Understanding the Divorce Process

Many people who are facing divorce are worried that they will have to go to court and air their differences with their spouse in public. However, very few divorces end up in court. As a lawyer who represents family law clients in the Birmingham area, I am able to resolve the vast majority of divorce cases I handle through negotiations and without the need for a trial.

Do I need a divorce attorney?

I always begin a divorce case by setting expectations. I will explain the marriage dissolution process in Alabama and help you get a realistic outlook for your case. I will also explain what you can expect in terms of attorney’s fees and other expenses.

How can I best prepare for my divorce?

As your attorney, I will guide you through each of the issues that need to be resolved in your case, including:

  • Child custody and child support
  • Spousal support (also called maintenance or alimony)
  • Division of marital property
  • Division of marital debts

Divorce does not have to be an expensive or difficult process. I handle truly uncontested divorces for a fixed fee. However, if there are issues on which you and your spouse are far apart, I am willing and able to litigate those issues in court.

I often tell my clients things they may not want to hear. If I think you should be more reasonable in your position, in view of the cost of divorce litigation, I will let you know. While that might not be in my best financial interests as a lawyer, it will be in your best interests as my client.