Can You Appeal a Divorce Settlement in Alabama?

Can You Appeal a Divorce Settlement in Alabama?

A divorce settlement appeal is very difficult, and one of the least common forms of post-judgment litigation. This type of appeal generally happens when one former spouse is not happy or cannot live with the final outcome of their divorce. Perhaps they feel the settlement was handled incorrectly by a judge or they believe the decree was made under false pretenses.

While an appeal can be made, it usually is not granted unless the evidence is extremely compelling. The law will favor the final judgment in any court case. It is for this reason that the appellant, i.e. the person seeking an appeal, must prove that the court ruling over the divorce made an egregious error in their decision. For example, if the court awarded the other party an incorrect amount of shared assets, an appeal would be necessary.

Common areas for appeal:

Because divorce settlement appeals can be so difficult to navigate, it’s important to have an attorney skilled in appeals by your side. You will need to fill out many forms with detailed reasoning as to why you are seeking an appeal, and, your attorney will know the best way to phrase your concerns so the court is more likely to grant the appeal.

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