Child Education and Medical Expenses

College Expenses of Minor Children, Medical Expenses and other considerations of Divorce

After your divorce, you have a duty to support your children until they turn 19, the age of majority in Alabama (unless the children marry or become self-supporting). I can assist you with child support calculations. You may also be required to provide “post-minority” support, in the form of college tuition or other situations where a special needs child is involved.

Who pays for college tuition after a divorce?

You may have saved for college tuition with a federal-tax-advantaged “529 plan.” The state of Alabama also has a pre-paid tuition plan to assist funding a college education. Otherwise, college tuition will have to come out of current earnings or loans available to you and your children.

Your divorce agreement may specify plans for child support and college tuition. Tuition, books and room and board must be paid for. Private colleges can cost much more than public institutions. If your child performs poorly in school, tuition might not be ordered by the court, as a poor investment.

Caring for Children With Disabilities after a Divorce

The other circumstance where post-minority support may be required is a child’s mental or physical disability. Medical care is expensive, and the courts do not want the state to have to pay this kind of support. Support may be open-ended, unlike requirements for paying college tuition.

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