You can reach us by telephone at 205-822-9334 or contact us through this website.  We are happy to schedule a telephone consultation or an in-office meeting in our Birmingham office to further discuss the details of your case with you, but keep in mind that usually, an in-office consultation is often more productive.


Confidential consultation with Tommy Davis:

Our practice offers an initial consultation, for a fee, pending a preliminary discussion of the basics of your case.  We provide you with some informational forms prior to your consultation to make our time together more productive.

In general, I am happy to speak with a potential client briefly by telephone at no charge when our schedule permits.  A consultation is often very productive when we can determine if further consultation would be beneficial.  Usually, I can learn about your situation and give you some general guidance on how any potential case might proceed, discuss what fees may be charged, and, if I’m unable to be of service, I’m almost always able to refer a potential client to another attorney, and I’m happy to do so when it is helpful.

Where is Tommy Davis’ office located:

Our office is located in Birmingham, Alabama and all communications with our office are completely confidential, even your consultation.  Rest assured that your personal business will remain just that – personal.  If you choose to hire us, we will use your consultation notes to build your file.  If you do not choose to hire us, your consultation notes will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party.