Practice Areas

Child Custody & Child Support

Child Custody & Child Support are two areas where an experienced Birmingham, Alabama Child Custody Lawyer is needed to help parents manage the legalities of their agreements, while still focusing on what is best for the family. Attorney Thomas Logan Davis, Birmingham Alabama’s Divorce Attorney, has dedicated his legal practice to Family Law, including these matters.--Read More--

Complex Divorce & Disputes

While it is said that divorce is never easy, some divorces are certainly more complicated than others. When a married couple has significant assets, owns businesses or has children, dividing up property and custody rights can quickly become complicated. Attorney Thomas Logan Davis focuses on only family law and limits his caseload for this very reason – he believes in fully committing his time and energy to families going through one of the toughest times they probably will ever face and to helping his clients get to the other side of the process, where the process of rebuilding and healing begin.--Read More--

Family Law

Family and Matrimonial Law is the primary focus of Attorney Thomas Logan Davis, Birmingham, Alabama Family Lawyer. Tommy, as he is known to clients, is a sincerely caring and concerned lawyer who has dedicated his legal practice to helping clients get through the often stressful and emotionally wrenching processes involved in divorce, child custody and spousal support actions.--Read More--

Post Divorce Modification

Divorce is obviously a time of major life changes where the future is difficult to predict. While great care can be taken in arranging matters of child custody and child support circumstances may change requiring the divorce agreement to change accordingly. In these cases it is necessary for post-divorce modification: a legal change to your prior court order.--Read More--