Child Custody & Child Support

Child Custody & Child Support are two areas where an experienced Birmingham, Alabama Child Custody Lawyer is needed to help parents manage the legalities of their agreements, while still focusing on what is best for the family. Attorney Thomas Logan Davis, Birmingham Alabama’s Divorce Attorney, has dedicated his legal practice to Family Law, including these matters.

Attorney Thomas Logan Davis

When an individual or couple comes to the law offices of Thomas Logan Davis, Attorney At Law, they want to find solutions that work for everyone, especially their children. When contentious disputes arise, Tommy Davis works diligently to help his clients reach solutions that help families manage their difficult and stressful times during a separation or divorce. He works with a select group of clients to provide them with top quality legal representation on legal issues he knows best, including child support and child custody matters.

Birmingham, Alabama Child Custody Lawyer

Attorney Thomas Logan Davis works with clients in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area and surrounding communities, providing dedicated legal representation in all areas of Family and Matrimonial Law. This law firm proudly claims client care is our top priority. Tommy will handle your case the way it should be handled, as he has the experience and knowledge required. You get personal service, and prompt responses to inquiries.

Child Custody & Child Support

As an Alabama Child Custody Lawyer, Tommy Davis is current with all applicable laws and options that can affect your case. His goal is to create the best results for clients and their minor children. This means reaching agreements that adult parities can accept and maintain. When there are disputes, Tommy works diligently to reach solutions that work for all parties. Negotiation, mediation, divorce modifications, visitation and child custody and support matters are his specialty.

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