Complex Divorce & Disputes

While it is said that divorce is never easy, some divorces are certainly more complicated than others. When a married couple has significant assets, owns businesses or has children, dividing up property and custody rights can quickly become complicated. Attorney Thomas Logan Davis focuses on only family law and limits his caseload for this very reason – he believes in fully committing his time and energy to families going through one of the toughest times they probably will ever face and to helping his clients get to the other side of the process, where the process of rebuilding and healing begin.

Birmingham, Alabama Divorce Lawyer

There are many reasons why your divorce might turn out to be more complex than you would hope. If you owned a business or built one with your spouse, you may be looking at issues of deciding ownership and investment between two individuals who see anything but eye to eye. If you have a significant amount of assets, one spouse or the other may be firmly convinced that the bigger share belongs to them – even if it doesn’t. There may also be issues related to inherited or premarital assets (a “separate estate”).

Debts can also complicate a divorce and lead to heated disputes. It may take protracted legal battles to prove who owes what in a situation where no one wants to take the blame and for providing for the repayment of debts after a divorce takes careful planning and expertise.

Custody Battles

Custody battles can prove to be some of the most brutal family law situations for everyone involved. Your spouse may try to claim you are not a fit parent, or you may need to prove that your spouse has no business raising children. It is not only your future that is decided, but also the future of your most cherished family members.

None of this is easy, and it can turn normally sane and rational people into people you would never recognize. This is why the help of an experienced divorce attorney is so important. You need someone looking out for you, someone who can remain calm and tenacious in the tensest situations – something at which Attorney Thomas Logan Davis excels.

If you are facing a complex divorce, please contact our firm immediately. The sooner we begin going over your case, the sooner we can begin protecting the future of what matters to you most.