Using Experts in Your Divorce

Will You Need Experts for Your Divorce?

When a family business that has been profitable for years suddenly becomes a money loser during a divorce, financial experts can help sort out the facts and protect your financial interests. I have a network of experts here in Alabama that I work with to help with these issues in marital property division as well as with child custody disputes.

Working with Financial Experts

There are many types of financial experts who may be involved in your divorce, depending on the marital property division issues that arise:

  • Appraisers can present evidence on the value of everything from collectible cars to antique train sets.
  • Business valuation experts can determine the value of a business when that business needs to be divided as marital property.
  • Forensic accountants can help trace marital assets that may have been hidden by one party prior to divorce.
  • Financial planners can help determine an appropriate amount of alimony.

How is Child Custody Determined?

If the two parents can’t agree on child custody issues, the court will decide based on the testimony of experts. Those experts will be qualified mental health professionals such as psychologists or licensed clinical social workers. The experts will interview all family members to determine what is in the child’s best interest with regard to custody.

The assessment process usually includes mental health testing, investigation into the family environment, and interviews with friends and neighbors who know the family. The experts will create a report detailing their findings and recommendations, which will be provided to the court and to both parties and their lawyers.

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